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Most Commented State Attorney General Threatens Oregon City Mayor With Legal Action If He Violates Governors Stay-Home Order 926 Right-Wing Protesters Are Planning Re-Open America Rallies At State Capitols indium Oregon and Washington 884 Oregon Washington and sex pc games California Form Pact to Jointly Reopen States From COVID-19 Stay-Home Orders 554 Governor to Portlanders Get Back Inside 349 Why Are Oregon Gun Shops Open 306

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Jan. 4, 2018: Ray Thomas, one of the foundation member of the British fine art sex pc games -sway ring the Moody Blues, has died. No cause of death was precondition, but Thomas disclosed in 2014 that he had been diagnosed with prostate gland cancer. A flautist, Thomas wrote several songs for the band, including "Legend of a Mind" and "Veteran Cosmic Rocker." The band is due to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in April. Thomas was 76. Bart Boatwright/The Greenville News

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